Dr. Borbála kolozs – President of the Association

Dr. Kolozs Borbála

Dr. Borbála Kolozs is a researcher in taxation law. Her primary research focus is on tax morale, value added tax, income taxes and international taxation. She has conducted research at several leading universities abroad (for example at the Hong Kong University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong in Hong Kong, at the Sun Yat-Sen University and Xiamen University in China, at the Monash University, Sunway Campus in Malaysia, at the University of New South Wales and the Monash University, Clayton Campus in Australia, at the Georgetown University Law Center in the United States of America and at the Vienna University of Economics and Business in Austria).

She received many Hungarian and foreign prizes. She publishes and lectures at conferences regularly in English and she participates in professional consultations organized by international institutions, like the OECD. She is the editor of law and tax databases and the correspondent to preeminent tax documentation centers such as the IBFD or the Tax Analysts.

Dr. Roland Felkai – Secretary

Dr. Roland Felkai

Dr. Roland Felkai was born 1968 in Bremen and studied economics at the Universities of Münster and London. He moved to Hungary 1996 to build up the German tax desk at a big four company in Budapest and joined Rödl & Partner Budapest as managing director in 1998. He became Hungarian tax advisor in 1999. In the last, almost 20 years he has advised many foreign investments and M&A transactions in Hungary, especially in relation to tax planning opportunities. He is a frequent speaker on seminars, regularly publishes on Hungarian and international taxation, and he is correspondent of the journals European taxation and Internationales Steuerrecht. He became member of the board of the Hungarian IFA branch in 2009 and secretary general in 2012.