About Us

The association is the exclusive Hungarian member organization of the International Fiscal Association, the only non-profit organization with a real international background, engaged in international tax issues and consisting of Hungarian members.

The International Fiscal Association is a non-profit organization of a history with nearly 70 years operating in more than 50 countries.

The business organizations and taxpayers represented by the membership of the association represent a significant part (more than 50%) of the taxpayers contributing to the Hungarian budget.

In return for fulfilling their duties, these taxpayers have a legitimate expectation to be served by a public administration operating on the basis of European standards and at a European level.

The main objective of our association is to support the implementation of the European and international (including especially tax) standards into the practice for the governmental as well as for the business sphere.

At this activity we make use of the professional experiences of the member organizations located almost all around the world and of the professional records of the parent organization’s annual meetings. Furthermore, we conduct independent researches and we make development proposals on the basis of the research results.